Although Maria’s work is unique she has been influenced by renowned artists of the Romantic Sublime, such as Casper David Friedrich, the light and dark of Caravaggio, Goya and the father of impressionism, J. W. Turner.

She particularly admires Mark Rothko, Ad Reinhardt, Agnes Martin, Anish Kapoor and Bill Viola, visionaries that embrace the eastern conceptual idea of the undeniable ‘great void’ and how it impacts on life, truth and art.

Maria is also drawn to Zen Buddhist teachings, such as their philosophies of Sunyata or emptiness and the Buddhist concepts of transience and detachment; while also inspired by Buddhist poetry, art and wisdom,‘That is to leave the unexplained, unexplained’.

Making the move from Sydney to the rolling green hills of the Southern Highlands was a considered decision and finally came about after a 5 week artist residency at La Macina San Cresci res artis. Here in the dark rainforests and swirling mists of Robertson Maria is now able to embrace nature, space, silence and solitude, an environment that has greatly influenced her most recent work.

As an artist that loves the haven, peace and solitude of her home and studio but still travels the world, she would like to share a few of her favourite quotes with you, quotes that reflect Maria’s attitude to life and the artistic endeavours that still lay ahead…

“Silence is so accurate” Mark Rothko.

“Every something is an echo of nothing” John Cage

“Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings”Agnes Martin