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I’m a painter originally from the inner city of Sydney, now living with my husband, two dogs, assorted chickens, a family of alpacas and a resident wombat or two, in the peace and solitude of the beautiful country town of Robertson, Southern Highlands, New South Wales.

After graduating from the National Art School in Sydney where I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts, I went on to obtain a Masters Degree of Studio Art, majoring in painting, at The Sydney College of the Arts. I then ventured on to finish a Masters of Visual Art (Honours) under the guidance of the wonderful artist and my mentor and friend, Dr Lindy Lee, focusing on the concept of the Void in Western and Eastern Art and Philosophy at The University of Sydney.

My painting practice was intially influenced by the usual greats that I had pored over in art books as a child, Leonardo Di Vinci, Rembrandt, Caravarggio. I loved the drama mixed with the mystery and patable sense of stillness. Their use of dark and light and negative space. Then those passionate painters of The Romantic Sublime, in particular, Casper David Friedrich and the great British Romanticist, J W Turner. And in the later American tradition, Mark Rothko, Ad Reinhardt and Agnes Martin. All still continue to have a huge influence on how I approach my painting practice.

However, overall my inspiration comes from a lifelong fascination with Ancient Japanese culture, in particular the philosophies of Zen Buddhismn and the notion of silence, non-duality, impermanence and Sunyata (the void).

I have exhibited as a professional and practising artist for over 17 years in Sydney, Australia, as well as exhibiting internationally and participating in Art Residencies in Italy and China. My work has been a Finalists in The Wynne and Blake Prizes, along with The Portia Geach Memorial Prize. And is represented in numerous private collections around the globe, including a permanent collection at La Macchina Fissa, Cultural Retreat Italy and locally at Sydney’s Barclays Bank and Sydney Childrens Hospital.