I’m a painter, living and working in The Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia.

I’m drawn to notions of the Sublime, melancholic beauty and the Japanese Zen philosophy of Sunyata, the void. Instinctively I’m attempting to create a feeling of depth and mystery. Images of ambiguity – a response to the unknown.

Recent work has been influenced by concepts of ‘The 9 Elements of Japanese Aesthetics.’

YUGEN. ‘dim, deep, mysterious. Cloudy impenetrability.’ Hidden behind clouds, but not entirely. We feel the presence, it’s secret messages, transmitted through the darkness, however impenetrable to the intellect. Yugen suggest that which is beyond what can be said, but it is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world, this experience.

MONO NO AWARE. Put simply – the ‘Ah-ness’ of things, life and love. Empathy. The gentle sadness towards the passing of all things – sensitivity towards ephemera.

GODAI. The five elements. Chi (earth), Sui (water), Ka (fire), Fu (wind) and Ku (void). Each element representing the nature of things and certain impulses in the world. Be it in physics, spirituality or indeed ourselves.

Although literal forms and especially nature are imbued, I’m not referencing any particular place or time, but rather a state of being.



Master of Visual Arts, University of Sydney, SCA

Master of Studio Arts (Honours) University of Sydney, SCA

Bachelor of Fine Arts, National Art School, Sydney, NAS


2022 PRIMORDIAL SILENCE, Twentytwentysix Gallery, Bondi, NSW.

2021 FORMLESS CIRCUMSTANCE, Gallery Tetu, Southern Highlands, NSW.

2018 GODAI, Greenbridge Studios, Southern Highlands, NSW.

2019 ORPHIC, THE SHAC, Southern Highlands, NSW.

2014  YUGEN, Depot Gallery, Sydney.

2013  ONE MOON, MANY WATERS, Depot Gallery II, 2 Danks Street, Sydney.

2012  MONO NO AWARE, Red Door Gallery.

2011  CLOUD MUSIC, Red Door Gallery, Sydney.

2010  IMMORTAL ECHO, Jadite Galleries New York.

2009  MARIA GORTON, Castello Di Galeazza, Bologna, Italy.

2009 SOUND OF ANCIENT BLUE, Galleria Tondinelli, Rome Italy.


2022 The Kings School Art Prize, Sydney, NSW.

2021 Into The Light, Whitewall Gallery, Berrima, NSW.

2013 Artisti Per Autistici, Pietransanta, Italy.

Clarks Collection, Casa del Mantegna, Italy.

2012 Painting as Presence, MOP Projects. 2/39 Abercrombie St Chippendale, Sydney.

Portia Geach Memorial Award 2012, S.H.ERVIN GALLERY, Sydney.

2010 Annual Small Works Christmas Exhibition, Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane.

Beyond the Field, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Bondi Beach.

Gallery Artists, Jadite Galleries, New York.

Debut Exhibition, Project Space TIGHT, Sydney.

Castello Di Galezza Group Show, Castello Di Galeazza Bologna, Italy.

2008 Wynne Prize Exhibition, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

Pigments of Imagination, Mary Place Gallery, Paddington, Sydney.

2007 Post Graduate Degree Show, SCA, University of Sydney.

Blake Prize for Religious Art, National Art School, Sydney.

2006 Postgraduate Degree Show, SCA, University of Sydney.

Blake Prize Exceptions Exhibition, Chase Contemporary and Tribal Arts, Sydney.

2005 Portals, Mary Place Gallery, Sydney.


Finalist The King School Art Prize, Sydney.

Finalist Wynne Prize, Art Gallery NSW

Finalist The Blake Prize, National Art School, Sydney

Finalist Portia Geach Prize, S H Ervin Gallery

Artist in residence, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.  

Artist in residence, La Macina di San Cresci, Italy.


Barclays Bank, Sydney.

Cultural Association, Castello di Galeazza, Italy

Sydney Children’s Hospital.

La Macchina Fissa, Cultural Retreat, Italy.

Private Collections, Bologna, Rome, Sydney, Southern Highland, NSW

“If I must place my trust somewhere, I would invest it in the psyche of sensitive observers who are free of the conventions of understanding. I would have no apprehension about the use they would make of these pictures for the needs of their own spirits. For if there is both a need and spirit there is bound to be a real transaction.”  — Mark Rothko.